Something Else

scum rock - houston, tx

scum rock - houston, tx

scum rock - houston, tx scum rock - houston, tx


About Us



Formed in Houston by high school friends Roy Jang (vocals), Jerel Jallorina (guitar), Ben Whelan (bass), and Brian Madina (guitar) back in 2013, Something Else faced many obstacles on the path to release their debut, “An Entire Album About My Ex-Girlfriend”, that would have likely caused many bands to break up. 

The band formed out of an appreciation for  writing catchy songs, as well as most members’ shared appreciation for bands in the garage rock and post-punk idiom. However, these discussions of artistic vision happened in class (not at a bar), and as a result, they  found themselves in need of more connections. This  initial lack of local music ties made the process of finding a rock drummer who wanted to gig almost as difficult as finding gigs in the first place. Additionally, the band went on hiatus when its members started college in 2014, as they now resided not only in different cities but even different states. Ben was not going to give up, though, as he was determined to make it in his hometown of Houston with his high school pals by his side. Some would’ve called it unwise and impractical, given that he was now living in the “Live Music Capital of the World” and could’ve just as easily formed a new group. However, he had no interest in this, since he still believed in the quality of his high school band's songs – marketable and catchy songs with enough musical depth and complexity to keep things interesting. Other members felt the same, and they decided to reconvene, despite the fact they’d be separated by hundreds of miles for most of the year. 

Not letting the distance phase them, it was then that the band started to progress, performing all over Houston during their breaks and opening for indie rockers like Kurt Travis (ex-Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds) and Rome Hero Foxes in the process. After a few scrapped sessions, they managed to record their debut album, “An Entire Album About My Ex-Girlfriend” in Summer 2017 with John Allen Stephens (the Suffers, Children of Pop, J. Balvin). The album was released on August 22, 2018, and the lead single “There’s a Rumor” has received airplay in both Houston and Austin. Things are looking up, as Ben and Jerel have now graduated and moved back to Houston where Roy also resides. The distance was a test of dedication that all original members passed with flying colors, and being back in one place makes it all that much easier. Recently, James Leblanc rounded out the lineup on drums just in time to record on the band’s debut and work on new music.