Something Else

Post-(Power Pop)-Punk - houston, tx

Post-(Power Pop)-Punk - houston, tx

Post-(Power Pop)-Punk - houston, tx Post-(Power Pop)-Punk - houston, tx

About Us





Something Else is one of the most exciting rock bands coming out of Texas right now. The band plays a danceable brand of post-punk with melodic and charismatic vocal performances that help separate them  from the slew of post-punk bands out there. Over the years, the band has played with bigtime indie rock and punk acts, including Kurt Travis, formerly of Dance Gavin Dance and A Lot Like Birds, and the Gotobeds (Sub Pop). Noted for their energetic and borderline unhinged live performances, a Something Else show is not one to miss when they come to a town near you.

The band formed when Jerel Jallorina (guitar), Roy Jang (vocals), Brian Madina (guitar), and Ben Whelan (bass) started making music in Houston, Texas in  2013 while they were all high school classmates.  In the early months, being in Something Else merely consisted of attending scrappy rehearsals in parents’ garages and impassioned discussions on garage and indie rock bands in classrooms and the cafeteria. Early influences include Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, Joy Division/New Order, and of course, The Strokes. 

After playing graduation parties and frozen yogurt shops, Something Else started playing major venues around town, including Walter’s and both stages at the storied Fitzgerald's. Logistics were a nightmare, as nearly all five members of ‘SE’ lived in different cities. As expected, the band began to stagnate, but Ben’s borderline-delusional desire to make it work kept the band barely alive. After going through several drummers, James LeBlanc, fellow Houston resident, met Ben at UT Austin and quickly filled the spot as drummer, also lending his vast knowledge on the technical side of instrumentation and production.

In Summer 2017, all members returned to the Swamp City to record their debut album with John Allen Stephens (The Suffers, Children of Pop, J. Balvin). 

Activity ramped up in 2018. The band did a live, in-studio session at KVRX Austin, in the same studio that has hosted the likes of My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, and Ought, ahead of the release of their debut album. This album, “An Entire Album About My Ex-Girlfriend”, was released on August 22nd, 2018, and the band jumped on I-10 to embark on a Texas mini-tour, playing shows in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and San Marcos. Their hard work paid off, as the lead single “There’s A Rumor” received airplay in both Houston and Austin. A live show and podcast with KVRX Austin garnered the band some attention in the Austin indie scene. Another single “Don’t Want It” received attention from Houston Press as a standout on the album, and blogs across the globe praised the album. 

With all members having graduated from college, 2019 proved to be Something Else’s best and most active year thus far. The band played at upstart Houston venue Satellite Bar multiple times and continued to zero in on other areas. SE expanded their sphere of influence to smaller towns like Nacogdoches and Denton, where they were welcomed by passionate fans of indie rock. The band also expanded their art into the visual side, as Jerel debuted as a filmmaker with the cinematic and poignant “Don’t Want It” music video.

2020 has proved to be a continuation of this momentum; the band kicked off the year by playing at the brand new venue Red Dwarf as well as a return visit to Denton to passionate praise. The band is currently working on new material and hopes to release multiple singles throughout 2020.